Jamie Dimon – CEO of JP Morgan – in a recent interview with Sole 24 Ore argues that this could be the perfect time to invest in Italy.

According to Dimon our Country will experience a renewed phase of economic expansion, driven by new reforms and the Recovery fund, as well as by the exceptional leadership of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, trusted and respected both in Italy and in the European and international panorama.

“I believe this is the right time to have confidence and invest in your Country. Italy will further benefit from the Recovery Fund which, if used efficiently, will help accelerate economic growth. The path of reforms implemented by Draghi it can further accelerate this growth by making it more lasting”, highlighted the banker.

Dimon also argues that strong economic growth is already underway in the United States, spurred by the exit from the pandemic. The same stimulus will also invest Europe in a few months, with an equally strong growth that will last at least until 2023.

Regarding the concerns related to the enormous liquidity available to governments and central banks and inflation, he argues that, if investments are made in effective plans, it will be possible to exit the pandemic without economic concerns.

The executive then concluded by underlining that JP Morgan’s commitment in the Country is long-term oriented “We have been in Italy for more than 100 years and today we have over 180 resources with an overall coverage of the economic and financial fabric of the country, from corporate clients, institutional clients and individuals”.

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